Death of a Church

Church of the Good ShepherdMany churches in Akron are experiencing the same trend: dwindling attendance and too much unused building space. Some denominations are leaning toward consolidation.

When I spoke with Rev. Ron Shultz of Family of Faith last summer, he mentioned the selling of The Church of the Good Shepherd building on Main Street. He told me that McDonald's had purchased the land and the sale poured loads of cash into his coffers. He wanted to use that new wealth to reach out into the community from the Family of Faith church on E. Market.

Fast forward ahead a few months, and I found myself inside the discarded church on Main. Within was a maze of dilapidated dreariness. From behind the alter where the organ pipes once stood, to the enormous basement area, to the balcony and the five scattered and forgotten pianos, this exploration was surreal.

Church of the Good Shepherd
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad that such a beautiful building has such a disrespectful demise.

May 07, 2012  

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