Corrected Follies

Cartoon Gabe
My friend Gabe(who has appeared here many times) had a record release party at Square Records on Friday night. Square records is a pretty lousy place to shoot photos(florescent lighting, beige ceiling, wall blocking half the view) so I decided to mess around in Photoshop to give the pictures something interesting. The above shot is what I consider a happy accident!
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Blogger Tim Fitzwater said...

For anyone interested I used the "find edges filter" and the "vivid light" blend mode to make this...

January 16, 2012  
Blogger Kyle said...

Very cool shot.

What is vivid light? I don't think I've ever found that filter before.

January 17, 2012  
Blogger Tim Fitzwater said...

"vivid light" is the layer blending mode - I put the actual filter on a different layer.

January 17, 2012  

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